Different selection of electric heating plate

- Jul 05, 2020-

The heating plate is made of stainless steel, ceramics and other materials as the outer shell. The electric and thermal alloy wire is enclosed in the inner part of the stainless steel heating plate. Therefore, it is closed for heating. Its heating material is electrothermal alloy wire, the principle is very simple, is the basic electrothermal effect. When working, the current passes through the electrothermal alloy wire, the electrothermal alloy wire will heat up, convert the electrical energy into heat energy, and conduct to the outer layer


Heating plates can be divided into three types: stainless steel heating plate, ceramic heating plate, cast aluminum heating plate and cast copper heating plate. Each type has its own characteristics, among which:

1, stainless steel heating plate: mica plate, mica sheet) heater use mica plate, mica sheet) good insulation performance and its high temperature resistance, it with mica plate (sheet) for the skeleton and insulating layer, supplemented by galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate for supporting protection can make plate, sheet, cylindrical, cone, cylinder, such as the type of heater is a circle. Normal surface load: 2.5-3W, temperature resistance: 500C.

2. Ceramic heating plate: the surface of ceramic heating plate is hot without electrification after electrification, which is widely used in light, heavy industry and household electric appliances. Ceramic cladding electric heater can be made into a round bar, plate, tube, arc and other shapes. It looks and feels like everyday porcelain, but it has electric wires embedded in it. Because the ceramic material used in the working temperature has a very good electrical insulation performance, so the surface is not charged, the leakage current is small when working, use Ann

All reliable.

3, casting aluminum, casting copper heating plate: casting aluminum, casting copper heating plate can be divided into die-casting casting and casting casting, in the specification, the size of the occasion, a casting process. High purity aluminum and copper blocks are used in casting production, which are changed from solid to liquid by a high temperature furnace, and then injected into the mold with the heating tube installed. After cooling and forming, the mold is then processed and made.