Design innovation of thick film MCH electric heating elements

- Aug 05, 2020-

Thick-film MCH electric heating elements are manufactured by using microelectronics design and manufacturing processes, using excellent electronic paste and precision ceramic substrates or SUS430 stainless steel substrates, combined with advanced screen printing, tunnel furnace sintering, and precision laser trimming. Method, mass-produced products have the characteristics of uniform and constant temperature, low TCR, high thermal efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, safety and reliability. The product is comprehensively analyzed through the analysis of the micro-mechanism of the raw materials used in the thick film microelectronics process, the study of material characteristics, the effect of curing and sintering temperature, product availability, solder resistance evaluation, pressure resistance and overload capacity testing. A novel thick film MCH electric heating element product was obtained. This product uses excellent thick film electronic materials, combines advanced microelectronic paste and substrate materials, uses CAD/EDA software to design optimization, and adopts thick film production technology and The development of technological parameters is advanced. The innovations of this product are: MCH

1) The key material of the MCH electric heating element uses ruthenate-based high-stability resistance materials to prepare the functional electric heating function layer. The prepared MCH electric heating element has uniform heat distribution, small temperature coefficient, and electric heating element temperature. Uniformity and constant, low power dissipation, high thermal efficiency, etc.

2) MCH electric heating elements are prepared by advanced thick-film precision laser resistance control technology. The resistance precision of the prepared MCH electric heating elements can be improved to 0.5% or more, and the heating temperature of the electric heating elements in practical applications is more uniform and consistent.

3) The thick film microelectronics design process is used to expand the auxiliary functions of MCH electric heating element and the MCH electric heating element is prepared an additional electrothermal control system to provide an auxiliary signal sampling or control module block circuit and other functions further optimize the heating plate circuit structure, improve the assembly density and reliability of circuit components, through the simulation design technology to facilitate the formation of integrated, integrated MCH electrical heating elements.