Precautions for Design and Use of Single-head Electric Heating Tube

- May 20, 2020-

For the single-head electric heating tube of the mold, the most important design is to ensure that the heat generated by the heating tube can be transferred to the heating medium in time and reduce the temperature of the material inside the heating tube to effectively extend the service life.

(1) Try best to reduce the gap between the outer diameter of the single-head electric heating tube of the mold and the insertion hole, usually the gap between the two tubes is less than 0.1-0.2mm, such as a heating rod with a diameter of 10, it should be an aperture within the diameter of 10.2 .

(2) The coaxiality and size tolerance should be effectively guaranteed during the processing of the mounting hole. For example, tools such as a reamer are used to trim the processing.

(3) Before installing the heating pipe, the residues left in the process, such as organic oil, should be cleaned up. After heating, it will be carbonized, which will affect the ability of heat conduction.

(4) There is no problem to use at the design voltage, the actual power when using can be calculated according to the following formula:

 [use voltage / design voltage] * [use voltage / design voltage] * design i power = power at use

(Example) An electric heating tube with a rated voltage and power of 230V 500W, using a voltage of 220V, then the power used is 418.6W, which is about 84% of the rated power.