Definition of Electrothermal Heating Film

- Mar 07, 2020-

Electrothermal film is a subdivided category in the electrothermal product system and is a new type of electrothermal product. .

Electric heating film is an electric heating element that directly converts electrical energy into thermal energy. It is similar to electric heating tubes, electric heating rods, electric heating plates, electric heaters, rice cookers, induction cookers, etc. It is a part of a large family of electric heating products, but the difference is Electrothermal film is still a relatively new category of electrothermal products, and its product technology is mature and applied only for a short history of about ten years. The application field of electrothermal film is not far wider than other electrothermal products, so people's understanding and understanding of electrothermal film is still Far from reaching the level of popularity.

Electric heating film, there are both "hot film" and "electrothermal film" in English, and in Japanese it is called "surface heating element" directly. In the past few years, the definition of electrothermal film in China is mostly based on the promotional materials of electrothermal film manufacturers, mainly based on carbon-based ink electrothermal film. For example: "Electric film is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after being energized. The special ink and metal current-carrying strip are made by processing and hot-pressing between insulating polyester films. "Electrothermal film can be defined as" an electric heating body that can achieve electrothermal conversion, has a thin film structure, and has a uniform heat generation on the surface ". It can also be defined as "a thin-faced electrical component that can generate heat when energized, has a sheet-like structure, and has a thin thickness. It consists of a purely resistive heating material, a metal electrode, and an outer electrical insulating material."