Concept of Jaye Industry's oil drum heater

- Apr 21, 2020-

Enterprise goal: Based on the domestic market, develop the international market, and become a world-class manufacturer of electric heating products

Enterprise values: success lies in innovation, strength lies in investment, and gain lies in sharing

Innovation is the driving force of success, the embodiment of its own value, the accumulation of its own intangible assets, and the guarantee of Jaye industry's invincible position in the competition. Only investment can make the company bigger and stronger, constantly improve the competitiveness of the company, and long-term and sustainable development. Only by sharing can employees take the company as their home, closely connect the company's interests with the employees' interests, establish a harmonious employment relationship, and achieve the brilliant development of Jaye industry with the conscious contribution of each employee. Jaye industry specializes in producing silicone heating sheet, silicone heating film, oil barrel heater, oil tank heating belt, film heating sheet, polyimide film heating sheet, pet heating sheet, silicone heating line, mica heating sheet, aluminum foil heating sheet, glass fiber heating strip.

Enterprise spirit: team work together, dare to be the first, not be responsible for the loan, say can do

Personal energy is limited, and personal advantages are not lasting. Only when we talk about team cooperation, team cooperation, taking advantages and complementing each other, can we reach the maximum strength. There is no perfect individual, only the best team. No matter for individuals or teams, only those who dare to innovate and be the first can gain market opportunities. We dare to take responsibility, authorize but not delegate responsibility, and cannot shirk responsibility. It is the basic spirit of doing things and being a human being that words must be followed, deeds must be followed, and honesty must be embodied.

Quality concept: quality determines quantity, quality determines future, and provides customers with 100% Baihe products

Brand culture: Jaye industry - electric heating expert of electrical equipment products