Characteristics of aluminum foil heater

- May 19, 2020-

Aluminum foil heater has been applied and has been recognized by many electrical appliance companies. The aluminum foil heating film has stable heating performance and is easy to use. The aluminum foil heating plate can be arbitrarily pasted on different electrical appliances and objects. Principle, energy saving, low cost, easy to use.


1. Structure description
The whole heating body of aluminum foil heater is composed of silicone hot wire, aluminum foil metal material, connecting wire and temperature protector. It is a metal heating whole made by hand, which can be pasted on different objects at will. It belongs to the type of customized products and can produce products of different sizes according to requirements.
Second, voltage matching
This product is a customized product, its meaning includes: voltage customization, power customization, temperature customization, shape customization, voltage can be completed in the range of DC-AC12V-230 V, working temperature is between 30 ℃ ~ 160 ℃, power supply can be based on temperature Free matching is required.
3. Scope of application
Toilet heating, bathtub, towel insulation cabinet, pet mat, microwave oven, commercial machinery and equipment heating and drying, refrigeration and antifreeze, defrosting, printer drying, etc.