Ceramic heater material classification

- Oct 05, 2019-

Ceramic heater material classification PTC ceramic heating element PTC ceramic heating element is a thermistor, which is composed of PTC ceramic heating element and aluminum tube. It has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and power saving electric heater. Structural principle: PTC ceramic heating element is a kind of positive temperature coefficient self-controlling ceramic heating element sintered at high temperature.

Main advantages: The surface temperature of the PTC ceramic heating element can be controlled automatically and constant to prevent dry burning. The main disadvantages: 1PTC ceramic heating element itself is charged on the surface and needs to be surface insulated to be installed in a special heat dissipation component, which increases the assembly cost; products and objects to be heated It is caused by the heat loss during the indirect heating process, which reduces the thermal efficiency; the heating of the PTC ceramic heating element will gradually decrease with the increase of working time; the product contains lead that does not meet environmental protection requirements.

MCH ceramic heating element MCH ceramic heating element uses alumina ceramics as a new type of high-efficiency environmental protection and energy-saving ceramic heating element with built-in heating wires. Compared with PTC ceramic heating elements, it can save 20 ~ 30% of electricity under the same heating effect. A high-temperature-conductivity alumina ceramic is used as a substrate, and a heat-resistant refractory metal is used as an internal electrode to form a heating circuit. A new type of heating body is formed by co-firing at a high temperature of 1600 ° C through a series of special processes.

The main advantages: the product surface is not charged, and the water and electricity are isolated during the working process; the ceramic substrate is not easy to form scale during use; the volume is small, and the power density (≥35w / cm?) Has a fast heating rate (up to 900 ° C within 30 seconds) , High thermal efficiency; good safety, heating circuit sealed in ceramic, insulation withstand voltage 4200V / S without breakdown, product insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ; long service life, average life ≥ 10000 hours; product acid and alkali resistance; product use The power is stable during the process, and the power will not decay for a long time. It does not contain harmful substances and meets ROHS requirements. The product is resistant to dry burning.