Cause analysis of tubular heater unevenly

- Sep 08, 2020-

Cause analysis of tubular heater unevenly:

Electric tubular heater is used in many mechanical industry equipment, customers will often encounter some fundamental problems in the process of using. Today, we will analyze a big problem of the electric tubular heater, that is, the heating area of the electric tubular heater is not uniform. The occurrence of such a situation will lead to our object heating area can not be balanced heating, can not achieve the desired effect. Now let's explain in detail the factors of this situation: in the industry, when we require the manufacturer to produce tubular heater, we must tell the manufacturer the effect we want to achieve in detail. In this way, the manufacturer will select the appropriate electric heating wire according to the requirements of customers. If the electric heating wire is not designed according to the requirements, it will seriously affect the service life of the tubular heater. The heating in the electric tubular heater is mainly realized by the electric heating wire. The electric heating wire is spiral. When the distance is different, the heating will be different. The distance is close and the heat is high, and vice versa. However, the quality of the process will lead to uneven heating of the electric tubular heater. Let's tell you a few factors that affect the service life of electric heating wires

Diameter and thickness of electric heating wire: 

The direct thickness of the heating wire has a direct impact on the service life of the electric heating wire. The thicker the wire is, the larger the surface area will be. If the wire is not properly stored for a long time, more oxides will be produced. At this time, in a certain temperature environment, the service life of relatively thick electric heating wire is longer. Under normal conditions, the diameter of general electric heating wire is not less than 0.3mm at the service temperature.

The reasons for uneven heating of stainless steel tubular heater are as follows

1. Selection of resistance wire:

In the absence of production, stainless steel electric heating tube, we have to solve a very important step, choose a good quality resistance wire. The quality of resistance wire will directly affect the effect of electric heating tube in use. Non standard resistance wire, from the appearance may not be able to see. However, through the efficiency of use, it can be found that the selection of low-quality materials can not achieve the effect of electrical conductivity, some of the heating effect is good, part of the heating effect is poor.

2、 Uneven resistance wire gap:

After selecting a good high-quality resistance wire, we are going to carry out this process. The resistance wire is stretched and wound according to the design requirements. In this process, the gap between resistance wires should be uniform as much as possible. Only after the electric tubular heater is electrified can the object be heated evenly. Otherwise, the temperature in the area with high density is higher than that in the area with small density, which is very important.

3、 Improper filling of magnesia powder:

We all know that the filler inside the electric tubular heater is magnesium oxide powder, but now most factories still use manual filling, which will lead to the failure to master the internal tightness during filling. The over tight part will heat slowly, and the loose part will heat faster.

4、 Installation problems of resistance wire:

When the electric heating wire is installed vertically, the electric heating wire is uneven due to gravity.