Can the disinfection cabinet be used as a cupboard?

- May 04, 2020-

The disinfection cabinet is heated by infrared heating tube, the temperature in the cabinet rises to 200 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, to achieve the purpose of disinfection, and at the same time drive out the moisture in the cabinet, so that the metal parts in the cabinet will not be oxidized by moisture. According to the requirements of the disinfection cabinet, the washed dishes must be dried or dried before they can be put in. Some users put tableware with water in the cabinet and don't frequently power on, which causes the electrical components and metal surface of the disinfection cabinet to be oxidized by moisture, contact resistance appears at the infrared heating tube seat, the tube seat and other parts are easily burned out, and the disinfection is shortened The service life of the cabinet. Long-term use of disinfection cabinets as cupboards can be harmful to human health. Like the refrigerator, the disinfection cabinet has good sealing and poor circulation with the outside world. If the disinfection cabinet is used as a cupboard, the infrared tube does not heat for a long time, and the humid air in the cabinet is difficult to be discharged in time, resulting in excessive temperature in the cabinet and mold propagation Attached to tableware, it directly harms your health.

So it is better to use the disinfection cabinet and cupboard separately.