Can Flange Heating Tube be Used for Dry Burning

- Jun 17, 2020-

Generally flat flange heating tubes are used for liquid heating. Because electric flange heating tubes are also called immersion liquid heating tubes, many customers want to know whether flange heating tubes can be used for dry burning?


The flange heating tube, in fact, whether the heating tube is used for dry burning or for heating liquid, that is not related to the appearance and shape, but the surface load of the electric heating tube, that is, it depends on the power per meter. No matter what shape, as long as the surface load of the heating tube is designed according to the surface load of the dry-fired heating tube, it can be used for dry firing.


However, the flange heating tube is used for dry firing. When designing, it should increase the gap between the U-shaped heating tube , which is good for heat dissipation, and prolong the service life of tube.