Can electric water heater be used without filled up with water?

- Mar 20, 2020-

Can electric water heater be used without filling up with water? The answer is no. Why?

1. The water in the water tank of the electric water heater is always full. Only the cold water of the tap water enters the water tank and the hot water is pushed out by pressure.

2. If the hot water is not used up, it is recommended to adjust the water temperature to a suitable temperature or to control the heating time according to the amount of water.

3. The electric water heater cannot close the water inlet valve, because if the water inlet valve is closed, the inner tank will form a vacuum and hot water will not flow out, so the water inlet valve must be opened to allow the pressure of the tap water to press out the hot water At the same time, the water level of the inner tank is also replenished.

4. Due to the limited capacity of electric water heaters, it is generally not possible to bathe multiple people continuously. In order to extend the use time, under the condition of continuous replenishment of cold water, the power must be turned on and adjusted to the maximum power. In this way, the supplementary cold water will be heated. It does not cause the temperature of the water in the liner to drop too quickly.

5. In the design of the electric water heater, the insulation measures are considered very well. Generally, after the heating is stopped, if it is not used, it can be kept for one week. Therefore, it is not necessary to turn off the power often when it is used every day.

6. The power-saving of the electric water heater cannot be obtained by turning off the power or any other method. The only thing is not to run water for a long time. When you have a large flow such as bathing or washing dishes, you should always turn off the faucet. When the faucet is left on, it can save electricity and water.