Brief introduction of air duct heater

- Sep 15, 2020-

Brief introduction of air duct heater

1、 Air duct heater

The air duct heater is mainly used for air heating, generally with its own fan. The fan generates hot air by blowing the heating pipe. The specifications are divided into three forms: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. In structure, they are fixed with fixed plates, which are usually made of carbon steel and stainless steel, so as to reduce the vibration of heating pipes. The junction boxes are equipped with over temperature control devices. In addition, in addition to over temperature protection, a combined transport device is installed between the fan and the heater to ensure that the electric heater starts. After the fan starts, a differential pressure device is added before and after the heater to prevent fan failure. Generally, the gas pressure heated by the channel heater should not exceed 0.3kg/cm2. If it needs to exceed the above pressure, please select the circulating electric heater; low temperature type The upper limit temperature of heater gas heating is not more than 160 ℃; the medium temperature type is not more than 260 ℃; the high temperature type is not more than 500 ℃.

2、 Application fields:

Air duct type heater belongs to air heater. It is generally through the fan blowing to the heating electric heating pipe to produce hot air. It is the air temperature rising to reach the required temperature,. It has been widely used in many scientific research and production laboratories such as aerospace, weapon industry, chemical industry and colleges and universities. It can also be used as heating for large sites. It is especially suitable for automatic temperature control and large flow high temperature combined system and accessories test. The electric air heater can be used in a wide range: it can heat any gas (heating without explosion), and the hot air produced is dry, non-conductive, non combustible, non explosive, chemical corrosive, pollution-free, and the heating space is fast (controllable).

3、 Technical features

1. It can make the air temperature reach a very high temperature, even hundreds of degrees, but the temperature of the heater itself is not high. 2. The heating and cooling rate block can reach 10 ℃ / s, which is fast and stable. It is suitable for automatic control because it will not lead or lag the air temperature and make the temperature control drift indefinite. 3. It is easy to operate, takes up a small space, and can sell well. 4. The power can be designed at will, according to the customer's requirements for temperature and heating time. 5. The cost is relatively low. The heater can be made of stainless steel and carbon steel, and the cost of carbon steel is relatively low. However, the disadvantage is that it must be used for a long time to avoid oxidation and scrap due to intermittent use.