Applications of The Stainless Steel Thick Film Heater

- Jul 05, 2020-

Stainless steel thick film heater is a new type of electric heating device. It adopts the most advanced thick film technology in the world. Through screen printing and sintering, the insulation film and heating resistance film are directly printed and sintered on the stainless steel plate, and the stainless steel plate is made into a heating device, People can directly heat water or fry things on this heating device. Because the heat produced by heating the resistance film is directly heated, the heat is transferred directly to the heated carrier through the steel plate, so the thermal efficiency is very high and the response speed is very fast. At present, the main application products are: commercial boiling water machine, electric water heater, electric heater, taixiabao, direct drinking machine, solar energy, soybean milk machine, kettle, electric faucet, water heating boiler and other products.