Application of PTC thermal ceramic heating element in automobile

- Aug 17, 2020-

The PTC ceramic heater used for low-temperature starting of automobiles has three structures: branch-pipe flat-plate and ring-type. Its common features are high thermal efficiency, small size and simple structure. It can be directly fixed on the wall of the gasification chamber to heat the gasification chamber, so that the temperature rises rapidly, thereby improving the gasification efficiency of fuel. This not only helps the car to start at low temperatures, but also reduces exhaust gas pollution and fuel consumption. Because the PTC thermistor has the characteristics of self-control constant temperature heating, it is very suitable for the use of automobiles with constantly changing working environment. The performance parameters of the PTC ceramic heater for low temperature start are as follows: Room temperature resistance: 0.25~0.5. ; Rated working voltage two DC10~25V; static constant temperature temperature: 16oC±5%; power: 350W; start-up preheating time: PTC positive temperature coefficient heating element, with no open flame, fast heating, self-controlled constant temperature, long life and other advantages, constant temperature Electric soldering iron is its typical application.

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