Application of improved far-infrared heater in bedside nursing of mother and baby

- May 25, 2020-

During the bathing and touching care of the bed next to the mother and baby, the room temperature must reach and maintain at 26 ~ 28 ℃ [1]. It is easier to realize the central air-conditioning control in the wards in the winter and summer seasons. In the northern part of our country where air conditioning cannot be opened, the indoor temperature will fail to meet the requirements. We have improved the commercially available far-infrared heaters through technical improvement methods, and have applied them clinically in the obstetric wards of 4 hospitals in Qingdao, with good results. The report is as follows.
1 Improvement and application
1.1 Improvement of far infrared heaters Based on the principles of flexible handling, coordinated use, safety and convenience, six improvements have been added to the original far infrared heaters to achieve the advancement of movement in any direction and the integration of maternal and child bedside care supplies. The purpose is to facilitate, fix, and ensure safety.
1.2 Comparison of clinical application effect The test day temperature is 22 ~ 24 ℃, the test ward area is 23.74 m. The room temperature tester adopts TH-101B Ming room temperature meter produced by Virtue. The three heating methods are as follows: A: Midea NDK2O-09B aluminum sheet desktop heater with a standard power of 1 000 W; B: Ningbo Dawei Medical Devices Co., Ltd. produces YDw-II type remote with a standard power of 1 000 W Infrared heater; C: Far infrared heater with a power of 1 000 W improved by the author based on the YDW-II product produced by Ningbo Dawei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
1.3 Improved technology and cost of effect evaluation; 3 kinds of heater heating effect.