Application of Far Infrared Heating Lamp - Silicone Leather

- Oct 15, 2020-

Application of Far Infrared Quarts Heating Lamp - Silicone Leather


JAYE INDUSTRY designed a far-infrared heating lamp for a high-end silicone leather manufacturer. The front end uses a fast mid-wave infrared heater to stretch and absorb the rubber leather; the back-end silicone leather vulcanization has not been a good plan (the process requirement is 40 Placed indoors at ~80 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, the diameter of the silicone leather roll is 1m, and the temperature of the inside and outside of the roll needs to be fully vulcanized), considering the low temperature and long-term heating requirements in the space, we recommend a very high loss rate but good temperature uniformity Air convection heating (in the early stage, we have limited knowledge but insist on giving customers the right choice). The customer respects our plan but suggests that other drying rooms seem to use infrared heating. Inspired by our customers, we visited other silicone leather manufacturers. In the same work section of other silicone leather manufacturing plants, far-infrared heaters are evenly arranged on both sides, and temperature control and heat preservation facilities are extremely simple. After understanding with the engineer, the company also used air heating in the early stage, but after 24 hours, the internal temperature of the leather with the same coil diameter was not enough, the vulcanization was insufficient, and the product was unqualified. After many experiments, the far infrared heater was used to solve this problem.

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There are two reasons:

1. The continuous penetration of far-infrared heating tube radiation makes the inside of the coil receive the same radiation;

2. The radiation wavelength of the far-infrared heating tube is very consistent with the absorption peak of silicone leather, and the conduction between the materials quickly maintains the same temperature, so the vulcanization is sufficient.

Based on this high-quality case, our engineers suspended the preliminary plan and used the far-infrared heating room to experiment with coil vulcanization. The effect was excellent in the same time. Finally, we provide customers with an excellent far-infrared low-temperature vulcanization room.

This kind of solution can be used in the furniture drying line with various shapes, spraying lines with different shapes, and various coils (aluminum coils, steel coils, leather or floor materials, etc.) that require uniform temperature treatment.