.Application of electric heater and products in daily life

- Aug 22, 2020-

Application of electric heater and products in daily life:

Electric heating not only plays a great role in industrial and agricultural production, but also is widely used in people's daily life. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there is more and more demand for household appliances. According to its principle, household appliances can be divided into electroacoustic, electro-optic, electrothermal, electric cooling and so on.


First of all, in terms of indoor heating and insulation, there are various indirect heating electric heaters, electric water heaters, infrared heaters, hot air heaters, etc. There are also direct heating electric quilt, electric mattress, electric cushion, hand warming tube and other products.

In cooking, electric cookers, electric cookers, electric hotpots, electric ovens, bread ovens, electric coffee pots and other products (the core heating of which are civil electric heating tube products), provide people with more colorful food.

In terms of cleaning and cosmetic surgery, bath water heater, electric iron, ironing machine, boiling water device, electric comb, hair dryer, perm have gradually entered people's lives.

In the field of medical and health care, home sterilizer, hot compress physiotherapy, gynecological washing and other aspects, electric heating also provides many new products.