Application and development of PTC heating film

- Apr 29, 2020-

PTC surface film heaters generally have a lower thermal resistance from the thermal load medium, and have better effects of rapid heating and heat radiation. The PTC heater electric film has a wide infrared radiation spectrum and is an excellent
External heating materials. Due to its low P value, the non-linear P-characteristics are not typical. The ceramic process and sintering at high temperature (~ l300 ~ C) are suitable for making high-power high-temperature heaters.
Fq'C heating tube, flat type heating plate, can be used for:
(1) Large, medium and small baking boxes;
(2) Disinfect the cupboard;
(3) Small infrared physiotherapy device;
(4) Heater;
(5) Non-inductive long-life electric iron and other electric appliances.
For some electric heating appliances, due to the special requirements for safety and reliability, especially for heat load media that is easy to leak or general insulation will cause the thermal effect to be reduced, such as straight or through metal heating, the electric heating film must be implemented with high strength and not easy The failed insulation and the ceramic dielectric film that can match the heating film make the PTC electric film heater safe and reliable to maintain excellent characteristics. This heater can be developed:
(1) High-power insulation board;
(2) Heating machine;
(3) Water heater;
(4) Electric oven;
(5) Disinfection cabinet;
(6) Electric iron.