Advantages of Cartridge Heaters Made by Jaye Industry

- Sep 21, 2020-

Advantages of Cartridge Heaters mde by Jaye industry

Jaye Industry make the cartridge heater with high grade material and high strength quality control ability, and all our cartridge heaters have the below advantages:


1. Small diameter, 3-25MM can be achieved.

2. The length is not limited, 20-2000MM can be achieved.

3. High power, 2-5 times the power of a normal electric heating tube, which can be achieved (surface area 20 watts/square centimeter), even abroad (surface area 60 watts/square centimeter).

4. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, easy installation, long service life, no pollution, and low price. It also saves electricity, is safe to use, can be bent into various shapes, is light, and is easy to disassemble.

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