Advantages and system composition of melt blown electric heater

- Jun 25, 2020-

1、 Composition of melt blown cloth heater system

Electric heater is used to heat the melt blown cloth pipeline heater. It is a new type of heating equipment used in gas heating system, which is composed of heater body, heating element and control system. The heating element adopts stainless steel heating tube, high temperature resistance alloy wire and crystal magnesia powder, which are formed by compression process, so that the service life of the electric heating element can be guaranteed. The control part is composed of high-precision explosion-proof digital temperature controller and solid-state relay, which ensures the normal operation of the heater.

2、 Advantages and features of melt blown cloth heater

1. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure.

2. The heat efficiency of the melt blown cloth heater is high, which can reach more than 95%, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 ℃.

3. The equipment is small in size and flexible in installation. It should be installed near the heat equipment with high power.

4. Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy and high comprehensive thermal efficiency.

5. With wide application range and strong adaptability, the melt blown cloth heater can be used in explosion-proof or ordinary occasions. Its explosion-proof level can reach level B and level C, and its pressure resistance can be 20MPa. According to the user's needs, the cylinder can be installed vertically or horizontally.

6. High heating temperature: the design maximum working temperature can reach 650 ℃, which is not available for general heat exchanger.

7. The melt blown cloth heater has a long service life and high reliability, which is made of special electric heating materials. In addition, the design power load is conservative.