Pizza Pan Plug-in Thermostat

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Pizza Pan Plug-in thermostat also called Temperature regulating coupler, used for temperature control of kitchen electric appliances such as electric wok, Electric Grill pizza pan, baking tray, frying pan, Electric Roast Oven, Fish Roaster, BBW baker, etc. Rated current and voltage: 7A / 13A-120 / 220VAC, single temperature control range: 120-210, service life: 100000 times, equipped with HPN16 # 2C / 3C wire, can be equipped with polar double flat plug, American two flat and one round plug And mainland three flat plugs. The Plug-in thermostat (temperature regulating coupler) made by Jaye industry can be directly installed in electric heating appliances, or combined with the power plug to form a separate temperature control power plug assembly, which is inserted into the heating body through the extended temperature sensing tube, and directly senses the temperature of the heating body, Small electromagnetic interference, easy to clean appliances.

Normal Specification (Can be customized) 

Rated voltage


Plug model/Mark


Rated current


Wire Specifications


Normal working temperature range



Can be customized according to customer   requirements

Working temperature difference


The certifications 


Temperature measuring tube(length/diameter)


Inserting hole (diameter/Center Distance)


Front sign/Rear sign

Can be customized according to customer   requirements

Operating life


Our thermostats are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, South Africa United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Singapore and other countries and regions from all over the world. Welcome to contact with us for more requirements.


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