Energy Regulator for Cooking

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The energy regulator is a relay-like element with intermittent output function, which realizes the power adjustment function by adjusting the length of the intermittent time. The energy regulator includes a housing, a switch component, a heating component, a central rotating shaft, a cam component and a cover body fixed on the central rotating shaft. The energy regulator can be infinitely regulated between 6% and 70% of the rated power. The heating process is continuous, and the output power is 100% of the rated output.


Longer current on time and shorter circuit off time enable higher output power, such as for heating and frying. Shorter current on-time and longer circuit-off time enable lower output power, for example for slow cooking. With stepless adjustable settings, the output power can meet different cooking processes and the quantity of food. A cooking zone can be heated by single or multiple heating elements. If the control power range of the cooking zone is known, the output power corresponding to each control knob position can be calculated.

Technical Specification of Energy regulator



Color:White, black, red

Function:4,5,6,8,10 (as customer's requirement)

Working voltage:250V

Overload current:16A 16A or 20A

Working temperature:≤125°C

Life:10000 times

Rotary angle:360


Energy regulator Swith for the oven or gas cookers,

Material: Ceramics

Life time:100000times



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