Zambian Customers 2000pcs Electric Cast Iron Solid Hot Plate 145mm And 180mm Are Ready For Shipment

- Jul 28, 2020-

ON 2020-07-28, we have finished the production and packing for the 2000pcs electric cast iron Solid Hotplates. There are two size of hotplates. One is 145mm with 230V 1000W, and another is 230V 1500W.Each quantity is 1000pcs. For the 145MM Electric hotplate, they were packed in 42 Catons, the gross weight is 1130KGS, And for the 180mm hotplate, they were packed in also 42 Catons, and the gross weight is about 1566kgs. So the total weight is 2696KGS. and about 5.6CBM. This is one of our new customer, after quoting the price, they requested us to send one sample to test, and they are very stisfied with our quality. So as the first order, they placed a trial order with 1000pcs each. It is estimated to have the next order 5000pcs. thank you for your trust and we will do our best to support our customers.