Why The Model Does Not Stick To The 3D Printer Workbench?

- Apr 20, 2020-

When we use the 3D printer and come across the problem that the model doesn't  stick to the 3D printer workbench, there would be following problems,

1. The distance between the nozzle and the working table is too far. Adjust the distance between the working table and the nozzle so that the distance can just pass a thin business card thickness.

2. The temperature of the workbench is too high or too low. The temperature of the ABS printing table should be around 110 ° C, and the temperature of the PLA printing table should be stable at about 70 ° C.

3. The problem of printing consumables. The replacement of consumable suppliers adapts to the consumables. The printing consumables produced by various consumable manufacturers are uneven.

4. Printing ABS generally pastes high-temperature film on the worktable, and printing PLA generally pastes textured paper on the worktable. (After the masking paper is pasted, printing the PLA model will cause the problem that the model is not easy to remove. You can heat the printing platform to 100 ℃ after printing the model to get some.)

If all the problems you have already checked, but it doesn't still work, you may need a professional technical person to deal with it.