Why Does The Silicone Rubber Heater Smell?

- Sep 03, 2019-

When the silicone rubber heater works abnormally, it is necessary to find the cause in time and solve it in time to ensure the normal operation of the production to avoid the loss of heat during the work. However, during the production operation, we sometimes find that the operation After using the heater for a period of time, the odor will appear. The main reason for this is that scale will appear after using it for a period of time. The scale will generate odor after being heated at high temperature. In addition, scale will not only reduce the heating performance of the heater. The use of time can also cause harm to the human body.

Therefore, the cleaning of the silicone rubber heater becomes important, but its water tank is large, and the range of the cleaning port can be limited. Therefore, if it is an enamel material to be used as a liner heater, it is necessary to replace the magnesium rod frequently. The time is one to two years.

Silicone rubber heater is a widely used structure in the industrial industry. It is often used for heating and heating some chemicals, and it is also used in some places that need to prevent dryness. And its working principle is mainly to achieve the purpose of heating by means of energy conversion.