What Is Online Canton Fair

- Apr 20, 2020-

With the brand advantage of "China's No. 1 Exhibition", Canton Fair Online utilizes the exhibitor exhibit database and merchant database resources accumulated over the decades of Canton Fair to achieve "online negotiation and on-site transaction" through close integration with the on-site Canton Fair business, promoting domestic enterprises The export transaction has become a powerful supplement to the on-site transaction of each Canton Fair. At the same time, the Canton Fair website provides a large-scale e-commerce platform-Trade Matching, which provides Chinese companies and international buyers with more convenient channels of information exchange and creates more opportunities for trade cooperation.
The online Canton Fair and the Canton Fair product database have the same source data, and have unparalleled resource advantages, publicity advantages, and channel integration advantages. The average daily visits to the Canton Fair on the Internet reached 600,000, and the average daily visits during the Canton Fair were as high as 7 million. According to statistics, more than 75% of the attending merchants were informed of the exhibition information through the Canton Fair website, and inquired about the enterprises and products concerned in advance. So far, the Canton Fair Online has successfully attracted 110,000 international buyer members and more than 40,000 Chinese supplier members from 211 countries and regions.
With the rapid development of economic globalization, China's small and medium-sized enterprises' foreign trade exports face rare development opportunities. Canton Fair Online is committed to creating a professional international trade e-commerce platform, assisting more domestic enterprises to explore the international market, and sharing the results of global economic growth.
Three core advantages
Resource advantage
Fresh buyer database, real buyer procurement information, high-quality trade matching recommendation service, rich business information, and more trade opportunities;
On-site advantage
Collected first-hand purchase information of buyers at dozens of information consultation points throughout the Canton Fair, and used hundreds of computer terminals to assist in the promotion of member companies; and set up a dedicated member service center to provide trade matching recommendation services
Integration advantage
Integrate multiple unique channels of Canton Fair, conduct multi-faceted promotion on Canton Fair website, Canton Fair exhibitor exhibits inquiry system, Canton Fair promotional CD; use on-site multimedia video advertisements, e-magazines, direct mail, short message promotion, etc. Strong publicity portfolio.
Service Content
1. The Canton Fair Online breaks the restrictions of time and space, and is not constrained by the conditions of venues and sessions. It can provide professional, comprehensive and personalized network promotion services for enterprises.
2. Publish corporate and commodity information, display corporate culture and commodity image on the China Commodity Exchange website of the Ministry of Commerce, and provide inquiries and references for trade buyers to China anytime, anywhere;
3. The information of enterprises and commodities enters the CD of Chinese suppliers, and is strongly recommended to overseas buyers by the 206 foreign businessmen participating in the Ministry of Commerce and famous exhibitions in the world
4. Provide enterprises with professional procurement information covering 30 industries and information of more than 420,000 overseas buyers (updated daily);
5. Through the Chinese commodity trading market platform, combining multiple information channels to find suitable trading partners for gold members.