What Does Online Canton Fair Look Like? Ningbo Tries The Mode Of Shelter Exhibition Hall

- Apr 21, 2020-

On April 20, the 2020 Ningbo export commodities global online exhibition (Special Exhibition for the export of epidemic prevention materials) was officially held. Suppliers from 55 Ningbo enterprises gathered at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center to have point-to-point "cloud talks" with 42 foreign businessmen from Europe, America, Asia and Africa through video conference software zoom.

The meeting was held against the background that the global epidemic situation was spreading rapidly, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials in many countries was increasing in a blowout way. In order to realize the precise cloud docking between purchasers and suppliers, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce has made a lot of efforts in advance: from the list determination and precise matching to the video training and booth arrangement before the meeting, which can ensure the smooth holding.

At the scene, Ningbo foreign businessmen took out masks and goggles that had been prepared for a long time, said "good morning" to foreign businessmen in front of two mobile screens, and also took out samples from time to time to explain to foreign businessmen, which was quite a "live delivery" style. The staff of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of commerce are also "broadcasting" the purchase demand of foreign businessmen in real time.


"This new type of docking is very novel. Today we have talked with four foreign businessmen, two of whom have purchase intention." Wang manager of a foreign trade company in Ningbo told reporters, "compared with face-to-face conversation, this kind of live broadcast puts forward higher requirements for the oral ability, sales ability and familiarity with products of the salesmen."

The senior manager of another foreign trade enterprise said frankly that the information of overseas anti epidemic materials docking is emerging in an endless stream, and this "cloud docking" can help them obtain the most direct demands of foreign businessmen, reduce the communication cost of middlemen, and let them meet two merchants from Mexico and Pakistan in one day. However, "although live broadcast can bring efficient communication, after all, foreign businessmen can't see and touch the product in person, so it's difficult to confirm its material, which requires further docking."

It is worth mentioning that this docking meeting is also the attempt of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce on the mode of "square cabin exhibition hall": combining online with offline, it also lays the foundation for the organization of "online Canton Fair" and "online consumer Expo" - the assembly of Ningbo suppliers in the exhibition hall can ensure the real-time response of enterprises to customers' needs, and the enterprises in question can also consult the site in real time Staff: live "screen to screen" broadcast for foreign investors can meet the needs of social distance for epidemic prevention and control.

It is reported that the online Canton Fair in June this year will also set up a 10 × 24-hour online live studio to give enterprises the opportunity to promote to a large number of customers. Because of this, the video docking meeting of the Bureau of commerce is also, in a sense, the "exploration" and "training" of the live broadcast of the online Canton Fair.

Fei Jianming, director of the Foreign Trade Promotion Department of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, told reporters that they had recently arranged the participation intentions of 404 enterprises in the online Canton Fair, and found that only 125 of them had allocated live rooms, and another 248 enterprises proposed to "share live rooms". And the form of "sharing live studio" has taken shape at this docking meeting - at that time, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises can also come to the "cubicle" of the exhibition center with carefully prepared samples to open a "cloud" dialogue with foreign businessmen.

According to the plan, the "shared Live Room" of the online Canton Fair will be used by participating enterprises in different periods of time, and equipped with necessary live network facilities. According to the scale of one enterprise using half a day, 100 times a day and 1000 times a day, it can basically meet the needs of the number of participating enterprises of Ningbo trading group.