What Are The Specific Requirements For Uploading Exhibit Information?

- Apr 28, 2020-

Currently, the platform is still under development. Exhibitors are requested to prepare relevant materials in advance. After the platform is opened for use in early May, upload it in a unified manner.

Time requirement: Complete all information upload before May 25th.

Technical specifications: According to the development progress of the platform, some of the uploaded material specifications are currently provided first (see appendix for details), and the conference will continue to add to the subsequent exhibition guidelines.

Quantity requirements: each company uploads at least 10 representative products in each exhibition area; companies that obtain more than 1 booth need to upload 5 more products for each additional booth; at least 1 video display file is uploaded. There is no upper limit for the number of exhibits uploaded; the upload items must be no less than the lower limit.

Each company can upload a VR format virtual booth in each exhibition area.

Material suggestions: product multi-angle appearance display pictures, functional icons, text introduction, specifications and technical parameters; corporate text introduction and real pictures.

Information Quality: Each product must provide detailed Chinese and English names and product descriptions. Pictures, videos, 3D display files, etc. should be clear and distinctive, and the content of the display should be as rich and diverse as possible. If the enterprise needs, the product code can be customized according to the situation, which is convenient to connect with its own database.