What Are The Highlights Of The First Online Canton Fair?

- May 05, 2020-

It is said that the first online Canton Fair will be grandly opened on the new website built by Tencent at the speed of "Vulcan Mountain" on June 15-24, and the website will be formally delivered to the organizer on May 15. The internal notice also stated that each Exhibitors should upload related materials such as pictures and videos on May 25. In addition, the official preliminary announcements all took the live broadcast and 3D display of exhibitors as important selling points to promote the industry, in order to break the industry's worries and fall into the trap of online exhibitions.

Does this mean that the online exhibition will also move from the tepid display and promotion to the offline interview experience and the factory visit function infinitely close? Can SARS boost China's first-generation flat e-commerce industry to a new level, and the new crown epidemic will also lead to the arrival of the second-generation three-dimensional e-commerce and digital twin exhibitions and become an irreversible trend standard? The answer seems to be more and more clear.
However, many exhibitors seem to lack their brains in this respect. The foreign trade industry, accustomed to large foreign trade orders, also seems to be staying in the online environment a few years ago like some of their foreign customers, such as the innovation of Chinese Internet users such as live broadcast and 3D The big drama felt a little farther from them, so I heard that many exhibitors were waiting for the official trading group to teach them how to deal with it. Before they saw the website and got the tutorial, they didn't want to move or dare to move. Who knows who really understands Tencent ’s products and Tencent ’s minds, but is still in the private sector. Who can preemptively prepare 3D materials and practice live broadcast capabilities according to Tencent ’s product ideas? Happy! Isn't there a sentence: Canton Fair Online, do not fight for popularity, do not fight for traffic! Because there is no difference between online booths, large and small companies suddenly stand on the same starting line, and the final ending will definitely make people fall through the glasses! Happy and worried.
Let's take a folk interpretation of the official information:
1. Tencent of official information:

On April 15, China Foreign Trade Center (Group) determined that Tencent became the technical service provider of the 127th Canton Fair, providing overall technical support, platform R & D services and cloud resource support for the Canton Fair online hosting.

Make full use of WeChat, Tencent Cloud, Tencent Conference, Enterprise WeChat, Translator Jun, Enterprise Point and other product and service capabilities, jointly strengthen the supply and procurement docking service, hold a special online docking event, increase online matching efforts, and enhance the effectiveness of the exhibition.

Folk interpretation:

Just let you see Tencent's "secret weapon":

All foreign traders have recently installed Tencent products and are familiar with the operation. They will definitely be used during the exhibition and be prepared in advance!

WeChat: (weixin.qq.)
Tencent Cloud: (cloud.tencent.)
Tencent Conference: (cloud.tencent.)
Enterprise WeChat: (work.weixin.qq.)
Translation Jun: (fanyi.qq.)
Enterprise point: (qidian.qq.)


2. Live broadcast and 3D of official information

Li Xingqian, director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced at the press conference that this year's online Canton Fair will provide live marketing services, will establish online live columns and links, and set up a separate 10 × 24 hour online live broadcast room for each exhibitor. This live broadcast room is not limited by time and space. The enterprise can not only conduct face-to-face negotiations with customers online, but also publicize and promote a large number of merchants through online live broadcast.

Before the exhibition, the Ministry of Commerce will conduct special training for enterprises to enhance their live broadcast sales capabilities. In addition, the platform will also provide functions such as look back on demand, video upload, interactive communication, sharing, 3D display, etc., to enrich the performance of the exhibition.

Folk interpretation:

All in all, it is necessary to quickly grasp the characteristics and skills of the live broadcast industry, and at the same time study the personalities of Tencent conferences and Tencent live broadcasts in order to easily win! Specifically:

Pay attention to live broadcasting: Many foreign trade enterprises are facing the difficulty of losing old customers, and the online Canton Fair provides enterprises with more opportunities and platforms for negotiating with new customers. Orders are lost, so everyone must pay attention to online live broadcast, and China's live broadcast war has just begun. Taking this opportunity to lead the "war" abroad, it is also time for foreigners to experience China's live broadcast technology.
Raiders for live broadcast rooms: 1. Foreign trade enterprises should build a professional live broadcast room during this time, prepare live broadcast background boards, live broadcast supporting equipment, etc .; upgrade the company's network broadband to ensure the smoothness of live broadcast; The professional skills of the anchor; 3, 3B2B procurement is highly rational and has strict budget constraints; and both buyers and sellers are professionals. The live broadcast of the Canton Fair may focus more on the innovation and cost performance of the displayed products;
4. Prepare samples and models in the live broadcast process, clean and arrange the factory environment, equipment and instruments in advance to give the buyer a better sensory experience;

3D display assistance: 3D panoramic technology, VR video display, 720-degree panoramic viewing factory, viewing exhibition hall, surround viewing products, etc. 3D display technology, not much cost, the display effect is more effective, the finishing touch. Make preparations to give buyers a sense of presence and presence in the offline exhibition. 3. Website platform for official information
Li Xingqian introduced to establish an online display docking platform. The Ministry of Commerce will promote all 25,000 Canton Fair exhibitors to go online for display, and will be divided into export exhibitions and import exhibitions according to the original physical exhibition settings familiar to everyone.

Corresponding exhibition areas are set up respectively.In the export exhibition, there are 16 categories of goods divided into 16 categories according to electronic home appliances, daily consumer goods, textiles and clothing, medicine and health care. Theme, all exhibits are online at the same time.

The organizing committee will optimize the query system, improve the search function in multiple languages, and facilitate buyers to find exhibitors and exhibits. Through technical means, focus on promoting Chinese brand enterprises and commodities.

1. Form:

Although the platform has not been officially launched yet, according to the official description, I guess it will be roughly in the form of the following picture. (The author is not legally responsible, haha)

To tell the truth: if time is too late, please be sure to follow the original design of the offline pavilion, and use 3D modeling completely

The way to "copy" the design of the offline exhibition hall to the online, to achieve the "twin brother" effect of the online and offline exhibitions, this is the future trend! Through the innovative integration of the online pavilion and Internet technology, the digital twin pavilion can attract the attention of buyers and the online experience that can be real.

2. Shop decoration

Select products suitable for online display. At the same time, an accurate and professional textual introduction is prepared for each product. Accurately describe the model of the product, and introduce the specific use of the product in as much detail as possible.

Do a good job of product promotion videos and pictures. Find a professional designer to PS beautify the product pictures to suit the various formats and sizes of the Canton Fair platform. The more exquisite pictures, the easier it is to get the buyer's favor.

Compared to pictures, videos can better showcase products and companies. Video uploading, editing, sharing and other work require the support of relevant professionals. Enterprises can select staff in advance and learn some simple software operations in advance.

If you want to take the lead on the platform, you must create a persuasive, trustworthy, and attractive product marketing single page. You must be very professional in terms of planning, copywriting, and design to attract a lot of traffic.

3. Focus: Multi-language product display

Buyers use the multi-language search function to find products. Foreign trade companies need to set up multi-language product display pages and descriptions in advance, so that the probability of being searched will be much greater.

Learn more about this from Uncle Ali! Of course, the translator of Goose Factory doesn't eat dry rice either!

4. Synchronization of official announcement data

The current Canton Fair will also hold an event with the theme of "Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunities". Through the establishment of exchange links, according to the unified name and image developed by the Canton Fair, online business activities will be carried out at a unified time, mainly in cooperation with B2B platforms Take into account part of the B2C platform to expand the beneficiary enterprise.

The official cross-border e-commerce professional platform has limited upload space, and it is impossible for exhibitors to upload their products and information unlimitedly. Create an exclusive B2B foreign trade website, exchange links, and the corporate image displayed will be more comprehensive and three-dimensional.

This is obviously to find a balance technique for the battle of the giant crocodiles. You have taken over the Canton Fair website and have not allowed me to set up the "6-15" foreign trade shopping festival. My B2B / B2C e-commerce business had done well Well, I pretend you did n’t see you even if you want to be seated.