Understanding Temperature Is Important When Using Drum Heaters

- Sep 01, 2019-

The required temperature of the heated material in the oil barrel heater equipment determines the working temperature of the heat transfer oil. The temperature of the heat transfer oil is higher than the temperature of the material being heated. The larger the temperature difference is, the smaller the heating area is. The temperature is high, and some chemical materials are easily cracked and coked at high temperature. Therefore, the temperature difference should be confirmed according to the specific situation, so as not to make the heat transfer oil exceed the limited use temperature or damage the heated material.

The oil barrel heater is the key equipment of the heating system. In order to prevent coking above the temperature, the flow rate of the heat-conducting oil in the furnace tube should not be too low, but too high a flow rate will increase the flow resistance and consume more pump heads and power. The exhaust temperature of the oil barrel heater is relatively high, generally 300-400 ℃. An auxiliary heating surface such as an air preheater or an energy-saving water heater should be added to the tail to reduce the exhaust temperature to increase thermal efficiency and save energy consumption.