UK Customer Placed The Sample Order For Thick Film Conduction Heater

- Aug 12, 2020-

On 2020-08-12, jaye received the USD2200 for the samples order of the thick film conduction heater from UK customer. This customer are engaged in the Medical surgical instruments, and this thick film heater will be used on the medicl equipment. we communicated this project about 10 days from the drawing and the price quoting, based on their designed drawing, our engineer Mr Dong also gave them our suggestion on the heating path and terminal connection. Mr Gare think our suggestion are very professional and accept our solution. after revising the drawing and quoting the sample charge, they decided ask us to make 25pcs samples for the 230V heater and 10pcs samples for 110V. thank you for your trust and we believe that our this thick film project must will succeed, and about 15 days later we will deliver the samples to them.

SubP4428-xx Stainless steel and heater element