UAE Customer 1815pcs U Shape Finned Tubular Heaters Have Been Ready And Waiting For Packing

- Jul 20, 2020-

On 2020-07-20, We finished the production of the 1292pcs U shape finned tubular heaters that we made for one of our UAE customer. This Customer placed the order after checking our samples, they are very satisfied with our price and quality. There are 5 Watts of heaters, 750W 450MM 256pcs; 1500W 610mm 264PCS; 2250W 810MM 285PCS; 3000W 915MM 450PCS; 6000W 1010MM 560PCS. We will make the wooden packing for all the finned tubular heaters and estimated to be packed in 4 wooden box. the total weight is about 2100KGS. 

Finned tubular heater