The Specific Form Of The Canton Fair Held Online

- Apr 28, 2020-

The 127th Canton Fair will make full use of advanced information technology to establish a comprehensive online display docking platform on the official website of the Canton Fair. Exhibitors who have obtained the booth arrangement of this Canton Fair will all display online and participate online according to the exhibition area. The platform provides all-weather online promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation and other functions, mainly including three major sectors:

(1) Online display and docking platform: First, companies can upload their own company and product information in the form of pictures, videos, 3D, VR, etc. to display in multiple forms, multiple dimensions, and convenience; second, according to the data of the booth of this Canton Fair , Enterprises can upload virtual booths to facilitate the three-dimensional display of images and publish products; the third is to strengthen and improve the search query function. Buyers can query products or enterprises through exhibit classification, product and enterprise keywords, booth numbers, etc., and visit the enterprise Virtual booth.

Enterprises are requested to focus on the organization and uploading of exhibits on the online display and docking platform.

(2) Live broadcast marketing: establish online live broadcast columns and links, and set up a 10 × 24 hour online live broadcast room for each company separately.The live broadcast room is not limited by time and space.Enterprises can conduct separate face-to-face negotiations with customers online. It can also promote and promote a large number of merchants at the same time through webcasting, and provide functions such as lookback on demand, video uploading, interactive communication, and sharing, which provide convenience for enterprises to carry out personalized live marketing and communication negotiations. Enterprises are required to plan the live content and design the process in advance.

(3) Supply and purchase docking: the platform supports exhibitors and buyers to publish supply and demand information, strengthen online matching, and provide honest background information for both parties of the transaction, including the situation of buyers 'participation, registration origin, previous exhibitors' participation, whether it is Canton Fair Brand companies, etc., replicate the mutually trusted trade negotiation environment of the physical exhibition online. In order to respect and ensure the privacy of B2B trade, both parties can choose third-party tools to conduct in-depth negotiations and establish orders. The platform also provides some video conferencing and social software links to facilitate the use of both parties. The platform page provides multilingual translation support to facilitate the communication between buyers and exhibitors.

(4) Synchronization activities of third-party platforms: The 127th Canton Fair will set up a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area; at the same time, some domestic third-party cross-border e-commerce platforms will be organized with the theme of "Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunities", enterprises Participate in activities of third-party e-commerce platforms on a voluntary basis. The list of relevant platforms is yet to be announced.