The First Online Exhibition Guidelines For The 127th Canton Fair Were Released

- Apr 27, 2020-

The 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15-24, and the reporter was informed on the 26th that in order to do a good job in guiding the Canton Fair online exhibition, and let companies understand and cooperate with relevant organizations in a timely manner, the conference will be divided according to the progress of the work. Issued exhibition guidelines many times. According to the first published guidelines, companies outside the scope of the exhibition can participate in the activities of the third-party cross-border e-commerce platform of "Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunities".


Set up a special zone for exhibitors in poor areas

The guidelines are clear. The exhibitors of the export exhibition are about 25,000 companies that have been arranged by the booth of the 127th Canton Fair. The exhibitors of the import exhibition are overseas pavilions and enterprises that have completed the prepayment of booth fees for the 127th Canton Fair. It is estimated that there are about 400 enterprises from about 30 countries and regions. Enterprises outside the above-mentioned scope can participate in the activities of the third-party cross-border e-commerce platform of "Synchronous Canton Fair and Global Enjoy Business Opportunities", and the list of relevant platforms will be announced later. Regarding the setting of exhibition areas for export exhibitions and import exhibitions, the Canton Fair Online will set up special zones for exhibitors from poor areas with reference to the previous physical exhibition settings.

The export exhibition is divided into 50 exhibition areas divided into 16 categories of goods, namely electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, hardware tools, machinery, building materials, chemical products, energy, daily consumer goods, gifts Categories, textiles and clothing, shoes, home decorations, office, luggage and leisure products, food, medicine and medical care.

Import Exhibition is divided into 6 categories, namely electronics and home appliances, building materials and hardware, machinery and equipment, food and beverage, household items, fabrics and home textiles.


Provide intellectual property protection services

This session of the Canton Fair will establish a comprehensive online display and docking platform on the official website, providing all-weather online promotion, supply and procurement docking, online negotiation and other functions. On the online display and docking platform, enterprises can upload enterprise and product information in pictures, videos, 3D, VR and other formats for multi-form, multi-dimensional and convenient display.

In terms of supply and purchase docking, the platform supports exhibitors and buyers to publish supply and demand information, strengthen online matching, and provide honest background information to both parties of the transaction, including the status of buyers 'participation, registration origin, previous exhibitors' participation, whether they are Canton Fair Enterprises, etc., build a mutually trusted trade negotiation environment like a physical exhibition on the Internet.

At present, the platform is still under development. Exhibitors can prepare relevant materials in advance. After the platform is opened for use in early May, it will be uploaded in a unified manner, and all information will be uploaded before May 25.

Protection of intellectual property rights and handling of trade disputes are also concerns of many exhibitors. At the level of the organizer, the Canton Fair will set up a column on the official website based on the existing mechanism to provide intellectual property protection and trade dispute handling services for exhibitors and buyers. At the level of exhibitors, we will strengthen the technical guarantee and establish a protection mechanism for the characteristics of online hosting. Enterprises can protect their intellectual property rights by setting the scope of buyers and viewers who browse products and participate in live broadcasts.