The 128th Canton Fair Will Be Held Online To Show The World The Strength Of Chinese Brands And Technological Innovation

- Oct 12, 2020-

The 128th Canton Fair will be held online to show the world the strength of Chinese brands and technological innovation

Li Jinqi, deputy director and secretary-general of the Canton Fair and director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced on the 10th that the 128th Canton Fair will continue to be held online from October 15-24 for 10 days after the Ministry of Commerce has reported to the State Council for approval. The persistence of holding the Canton Fair in the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control shows that the Chinese government is taking concrete actions to ensure the stability and smooth flow of the industrial chain and supply chain, and strive to open new paths and inject new momentum for activating global trade and promoting world economic recovery.

By then, about 25,000 brand manufacturers from all over the country will start the online exhibition mode to interact with the audience online. JAYE INDUSTRY, as a powerful corporate brand invited to participate in the exhibition, is committed to the development of the global market and the growth of scientific and technological strength. It will also open an online interactive live broadcast exhibition hall during the Canton Fair to showcase JAYE INDUSTRY's world-leading "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" to consumers around the world. ", through product display and professional technical explanations, let more people understand the high-end quality and intelligence of JAYE INDUSTRY products.