Thailand 760000PCS Terminal Pins Has Been Ready For Shipment

- Apr 15, 2020-

We have finished the production for the 760000pcs Terminal pins for one of our Thailand customer, this Customer is a professional Manufacture of heating elements. we have been working with each other for more than 6 years.

The Detail of the order is as below:

TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MMP2526017T 2.5*1.7*60MM UP 80000PCS

TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MMP2526017B 2.5*1.7*60MM DOWN 80000PCS

TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MMP2527017T 2.5*1.7*70MM UP 100000PCS

TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MMP2527017B 2.5*1.7*70MM DOWN 100000PCS

TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MMP2528017T 2.5*1.7*80MM UP 200000PCS

TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MMP2528017B 2.5*1.7*80MM DOWN 200000PCS

Terminal pins

Thanks for your support all the times.