South Africa “Old Canton Fair”: Exploiting The Canton Fair To Expand Global Market

- Jun 06, 2020-

"South African companies can take advantage of China's strong production capacity and rich products to take advantage of their own advantages and take advantage of the opportunities and information provided by platforms such as the Canton Fair to actively explore the Chinese and global markets." A few days ago, the 127th Canton Fair cloud promotion activities were connected to Egypt And South Africa. Neo Goodman, a representative of the old Canton Fair in South Africa, said that the quality of Canton Fair participation is high and the exhibition facilities are complete. I believe that with many years of experience in offline exhibitions, this Canton Fair can also bring different excitement to global buyers.


Elizabeth Duduo, a representative of the South African Logistics Company, said that the Canton Fair has a large scale of exhibitions and a complete range of product categories. You can always find the products you want at the exhibition. This session of the Canton Fair is held online to help stabilize the procurement channels of global buyers.

In 2019, China-Africa trade volume was 208.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 2.2% year-on-year. Africa is also an important source of buyers for the Canton Fair. Each session has more than 15,000 buyers participating, of which Egyptian and South African merchants are the main players.

This cloud promotion connects the north and south of Africa, and the two events attracted more than 100 representatives of African buyers and entrepreneurs from major cities such as Cairo and Johannesburg to participate and interact. On June 9th, East Africa will also be connected to Kenya, expecting more African buyers to actively participate.