See How The Cloud Show On The Canton Fair Online

- May 05, 2020-

It is reported that in order to do a good job in the exhibition guidelines held by the Canton Fair on the Internet, and to let companies understand and cooperate with relevant organizations in a timely manner, the conference will issue exhibition guidelines in several times depending on the progress of the work. Today, the first guidelines were published.

50 exhibition areas for export exhibition

According to the guidelines, this Canton Fair still has an export exhibition and an import exhibition. The exhibitors of the export exhibition are about 25,000 companies that have been arranged by the booth of the 127th Canton Fair. The number and location of booths are subject to the announcement of the conference. The import exhibition is expected to have about 400 companies from about 30 countries and regions.

The setting of the exhibition area of the export exhibition and the import exhibition refers to the setting of the previous physical exhibition. The export exhibition is divided into 50 exhibition areas divided into 16 categories of goods, namely: electronics and household appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, hardware tools, machinery, building materials, chemical products, energy, daily consumer goods, Gifts, textiles and clothing, footwear, home decorations, office, luggage and leisure products, food, medicine and medical care.

The import exhibition is divided into 6 categories, namely: electronics and household appliances, building materials and hardware, machinery and equipment, food and beverage, household items, fabrics and home textiles.

At the same time, a special zone will be set up for exhibitors in poor areas, and will be included in the list of exhibitors in the corresponding exhibition area according to the type of exhibits. All exhibition contents are online at the same time.

Platform will strengthen online transaction matching

What is the specific format of the Canton Fair held online? The guidelines pointed out that the 127th Canton Fair will make full use of advanced information technology to establish a comprehensive online display docking platform on the official website of the Canton Fair. Exhibitors that have received the booth arrangement of this Canton Fair will all display online and participate in the online exhibition area.

The platform provides all-weather online promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation and other functions, mainly including three major sectors:

One is the online display docking platform. Enterprises can upload their own company and product information in the form of pictures, videos, 3D, VR, etc. to display in multiple forms, multiple dimensions, and convenience;

According to the data of the booth arrangement of this Canton Fair, enterprises can upload virtual booths, which is convenient for enterprises to display their images in three dimensions and release products;

At the same time, the Canton Fair has also strengthened and perfected the search query function. Buyers can search for products or enterprises by visiting exhibit categories, product and enterprise keywords, booth numbers, etc., and visit enterprise virtual booths.

The second is live marketing. The Canton Fair will establish online live broadcast columns and links, and set up a 10 × 24-hour online live broadcast room for each company. The live broadcast room is not limited by time and space.

Enterprises can conduct individual face-to-face negotiations with merchants online, and can also promote and promote a large number of merchants through webcasts at the same time, and provide functions such as watch-on-demand, video uploading, interactive communication, and sharing to carry out personalized live broadcasts for enterprises. Facilitate marketing and communication negotiations.

The third is for docking. The platform supports exhibitors and buyers to publish supply and demand information, strengthen online matching, and provide honest background information for both parties of the transaction, including the status of buyers 'participation, registration origin, previous exhibitors' participation, whether they are Canton Fair brand enterprises, etc. A trade negotiation environment in which both parties of the physical exhibition trust each other.

In order to respect and ensure the privacy of B2B trade, both parties can choose third-party tools to conduct in-depth negotiations and establish orders.

The platform also provides some video conferencing and social software links to facilitate the use of both parties. The platform page provides multilingual translation support to facilitate the communication between buyers and exhibitors.

The Canton Fair pointed out that the platform is still under development. Exhibitors are requested to prepare relevant materials in advance. After the platform is opened for use in early May, they will upload them uniformly. Exhibitors must complete all information uploads by May 25.

Someone is in the name of the Online Canton Fair? Don't believe it!

It is worth noting that recently, people have received reports that some people are spreading false information in the name of the Canton Fair Online, allowing companies to upload information, send links to relevant websites, and even charge fees, which has a bad impact.

The Canton Fair issued a warm reminder in the guidelines. Exhibitors must pay attention to:

First, the online information upload requirements of the Canton Fair will be communicated to the enterprise through the trading delegation, and must maintain communication with the trading delegation;

Secondly, if the company has any service requirements such as publicity and promotion, the company can choose its own service provider voluntarily, voluntarily, and without any interference. If the enterprise encounters any unit or individual charging in the name of the conference, please do not trust it and beware of being cheated.

Source: Guangdong