Sample Order For Our New Thick Film Heater Project From Our UK Customer

- Apr 06, 2021-

Today, we got the sample order for our new thick film heater project from our UK customer, the thick film heaters will be used on Ventilator. so the quality requriements are very high, before the mass production, samples testing is a must. but because the sample making and mould will cost much, so the samples also need to be charged.


"Thank you for all of your help and answering my questions.

I am ready to place an order for parts with the terminals fitted.

Please can I check the prices with you.  I would like to order:


25 pcs of the 230V version

15 pcs of the 115V version


Each piece is made from:

P4428-30 Thick Film Element_B  (changed to include the terminals you suggested and note added of the test we need to perform on the dielectric layer when we receive the parts)

P4428-31 3mm Mica Insulation TFE_B (changed to make sure the connector fits)

P4428-32 Securing Boss TFE_A


I have sent you the drawings and .stp files.

The P4428-32 file only includes the drilled holes, but I will need these threaded as per the drawing.


Please let me know if the price is different to below so I can place the order.  Based on the pricing below the total would be;

USD2000 tooling charge + 20 x USD9.88 = USD2197.6.  Please confirm if this the same or what the new unit price is."