Received Order Of 200pcs Silicone Rubber Heaters From South Africa.

- Apr 02, 2021-

Today, we received the order of 200pcs silicone rubber heaters from one of our old customer from South africa. Because the Sea shipping arrive their port very late due to reason of port plug, so they need us to send to them 200pcs silicone rubber heaters by air urgently.


The below is the confirmation mail we got:

“Hello brother 

Herewith order below.


100 off 1060mm x 310mm 230v 435w

100 off 1060mm x 460mm 230v 643w

URGENT -special fast manufacture and to be send by air freight as soon as it is finished.

Our agent will take care of the freight.

To prevent delay can our agent collect from the factory when it is ready?”

We are estimated to finish this order in 7 days. once we finished them we will send them immediatly.