Poland Customer's Silicone Heating Belt Order Are Ready To Ship

- Jul 24, 2020-

This customer from Poland has been cooperated with us for 3 years with orders every month. Because of our fast lead time and stable quality, so our cooperation because more and more. This time the silicone heating belt order is much complicated with unregular shapes and angles. There are almost 10 models. The wattage density is also customized as the client required 0.25W/cm2. The silicone heating belt is with 3M sticker, long lead wire as required. 


As the customer said this order is for one of their super important customer, and they need them very fast. So even we are very busy with the production, our workers are working over time to try to make the order ready in 10 days. Jaye heater always do as our slogan" providing the best heating solution to our customers, service and quality is the most important for us‘!

Jaye heater is your best choice for electric heating!