Performance Of Silicone Rubber Heater

- Sep 08, 2019-

The insulation layer of the silicone rubber heater is a thin sheet compounded by silicon rubber and glass fiber cloth. The silicone heating sheet has good flexibility and can be in close contact with the object to be heated. The heating element is made of nickel alloy alloy foil. The heating power can reach 1.2W / CM2, and the heating is uniform. In this way, heat can be transferred where it is needed.

Silicon rubber heater is an electric heating device, which is used to heat, keep and heat the flowing liquid and gaseous medium. When the heating medium passes through the electric heater to heat the cavity under the pressure, the heat generated during the operation of the electric heating element is evenly taken away using the principle of fluid thermodynamics, so that the temperature of the heated medium reaches the user's process requirements.