Pakistan Customer Ordered 500pcs Infrared Ceramic Heater

- Apr 16, 2020-

The customer from Pakistan is the first time to cooperate with us. The infrared heater as is the regular size that we usually made for other clients, so it is very fast to close the order for the client. All our infrared ceramic heaters are for export and we use good packing for it with carton box and export wooden carton to good protection, as the ceramic heater is easy to break. The client's order size is 60*245mm 220V 650W with thermocouple and without thermocouple each 250pcs. 

The infrared ceramic heater is with fast heat and good thermal conductivity. The size is 60*245mm can also be customized to be 1000W, which is also a much popular specification that clients need. 

Thank you very much for the support of the customer from Pakistan. We believe we will do more business soon as most of our clients do.