Over 60,000 Exhibitors Worldwide Have Started Online Training

- May 18, 2020-

Recently, the China Foreign Trade Center held a video training session for Canton Fair exhibitors. More than 60,000 spectators from around the world participated in the training online to learn more about how to upload the exhibit information and other operational procedures.
A month ago, the 127th Canton Fair was confirmed to be held online in the middle and late June. Affected by the epidemic, this "grand meeting" of foreign traders made significant changes and was moved to the "cloud." Tencent became the technical service provider of the 127th Canton Fair, providing overall technical support, platform R & D services and cloud resource support for the Canton Fair online hosting.

"Online Canton Fair" will be a huge project. Tencent will use WeChat, Tencent Cloud, Tencent Conference, Enterprise WeChat, Translator Jun, Enterprise and other product and service capabilities to jointly strengthen the supply and procurement and docking services, and build an online live broadcast platform for the Canton Fair, and set up a 24-hour all-weather for exhibitors In the online live broadcast room, enterprises can not only conduct face-to-face negotiations with customers online, but also publicize and promote to global merchants through online broadcast.


"Online Canton Fair" will be a landmark event for the digital development of the convention and exhibition industry, and Tencent has indeed come up with a comprehensive solution.

While the Canton Fair exhibitor training is steadily advancing, Tencent officially released a new cloud exhibition solution, unveiling Tencent's overall layout in the field of smart exhibitions.

Tencent, through the four dimensions of online exhibition support, supply and procurement docking, smart venues, and industrial interconnection, packaged and connected 16 online exhibition technology service "family barrels" to create a new digital infrastructure for the exhibition industry and help all walks of life to achieve intelligent exhibition mode.
In terms of online exhibition support, Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition supports exhibitors to display commodities through graphics, video, 3D and other forms, as well as live marketing to visually display commodities and enterprise information; in terms of supply and purchase docking, Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition uses smart search and recommendation to match demand To achieve "face-to-face" negotiation of instant messaging, intelligent translation, and video conferencing; in terms of smart venues, Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition designed a diversified online venue experience, such as visitors' face entry, online walking, and intelligent guidance, etc .; In terms of industrial interconnection, Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition can also achieve organic linkage of logistics, retail, tourism, travel and other industries.

Zeng Jiaxin, vice president of Tencent Cloud and president of Tencent Cultural Tourism, said that Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition does not simply move offline exhibitions online, nor does it simply connect online and offline. The cloud exhibition mode is based on "online and offline two-wheel drive", which will continue to exhibit more innovative services and bring about cross-industry integration and upgrading.

Zeng Jiaxin introduced that the digital capabilities of Tencent's "cloud exhibition" are divided into three parts: before the meeting, you can avoid the tedious links such as queuing to buy tickets by brushing your face; during the meeting, you can achieve live broadcast participation, online guides, and sub-forum reservations; After the meeting, since the purchaser has a long procurement cycle after the exhibition, "post-show service" is particularly important. Tencent can use tools such as WeChat and applets to implement communication and tracking for the supply and purchase parties, as well as provide relevant Material support.

Tencent's layout of the convention and exhibition industry has a long history. Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition has emerged at the scene of the International Convention and Exhibition Industry Innovation and Development Conference in January last year. At that time, the convention and exhibition industry was at a watershed from the traditional model to the digital model. After years of accumulation, as a digital assistant in the convention and exhibition industry, Tencent Cloud Convention and Exhibition has possessed rich practical experience and technical capabilities. For example, on the security level of the cloud exhibition, Tencent provides unique and perfect disaster recovery and emergency operation and maintenance capabilities through the seven security laboratories and the world's top security experts to ensure the safety of online exhibitions.