Order Of The 290pcs U Type Rectangular Finned Tubular Heaters From Pakistani Customer

- Apr 07, 2021-

Today, we got the order of the 290pcs U Type Rectangular Finned Tubular Heaters from one Pakistani customer. They sent to us their enquiry on 2020-03-31,  after quoting the price to them, they are very happy with our price. so placed the order today.


The detail specifications of the order is as below:

Small 700 mm x 210 mm  80 Nos.

Medium 735 mm x 220 mm  90 Nos.

Large 770 mm x 270 mm 120 Nos.

Tube Dia  8 mm

Fin Dia    26 mm

Fins Gauge  18 insulation b/w terminal and body should be greater than 50 mega ohms