Order Of 160pcs Silicone Rubber Heater 310mm*500MM From Senegal Customer

- Apr 08, 2021-

On 2021-04-08, we received the the order of the 160pcs Silicone rubber heater 310mm*500MM from one of our Senegal customer. The specification of the silicone rubber heater is SILICONE HEATING ELEMENT 3100mmx500mm WITH  THERMOSTAT 60°C – 100°C. 220V 3875W(thermostat and cord will not be glued to the silicone heater, silicone heater black Color). They use our heater on the food warming of the restaurant. 

The below si the order confirmation.

"Thank you please to send us your Proforma Invoice and the weight and volume for 160 pcs silicone heater.

We need this information for that we can know if we will choice sea or air.

I remain at your disposal for any information.

Hope to hear your soon reply"


And we also have send them the estimated weight and Volume to check the freight by sea and air. 

For the silicone rubber heaters, we are making Wildth Max 1200mm with no limiting of length. last time we sent to them 30pcs with 6500MM length. 

If you want to know more about our silicone rubber heaters, welcome to click Silicone rubber Heaters