OOrder Of The 3000pcs Straight Tubular Heaters For Water Heating Confirmed

- Apr 08, 2021-

On 2021-04-08, we got the order of the 3000pcs straight tubular heaters for water heating from one of our new customer from Malaysia. Before this order, we quoted to them twice other tubular water heaters, but they missed thie order, this time, we take the chance to work together.

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The below is the detail order information, and in the mail they confirmed with us all the detail again in order not making any mistake. 

"Hi Victor,

Good news ! Good to having starting business with you & should be more to come.

Below straight tubular heater already confirm order by my customer, can you please issue PI for so that my account will prepare payment to you ?

Meanwhile I will issue PO to you by this afternoon.


Straight Tubular heater (Water)

Dimension : 1372 MM*8.2MM ( As attached sketch drawing given).

Power : 240V 3KW

Quantity : 3,000pcs.

Re : Fully anneal & polish.


·  Is this quotation given, material is SUS304 tube? RE: yes, SUS304 Tube 

·  Is it come with annealed and polish to shining? RE: yes, Anealed and shining.

·  The resistance accuracy is ± 5%.  RE: yes, ± 5%.

·  Does this heater fitting is BRASS with Silver brazing ? RE: yes, with silver Brasing with fitting."