Online Canton Fair Worth Looking Forward To

- Apr 12, 2020-

According to media reports: In response to the severe situation of the global epidemic, the State Council Executive Meeting held on April 7 decided that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online in the middle and late June. This year's "Online Canton Fair" will invite domestic and foreign merchants to display products online, use advanced information technology, provide all-weather online promotion, supply and docking, online negotiation and other services, to create an online trade platform for high-quality specialty products, so that Chinese and foreign merchants can't stay out Place orders and complete transactions. Organizing an online meeting will become a landmark event of the "Internet + Exhibition" trend, which is quite worth looking forward to.

At present, the global epidemic pandemic is spreading at an accelerated rate, which has a huge impact on the world economy and international trade and investment. As an important trading country in the world, China's trade dependence is relatively high, and the turmoil in the world's trade market also has a negative impact on China. After experiencing the first phase of the difficult fight against the epidemic, Wuhan, which was once in the eye of the epidemic, began to be unsealed on April 8. China's anti-epidemic has achieved staged results, and the resumption of production and production is steadily advancing. However, the pandemic of the global epidemic, on the one hand, has made China's epidemic prevention and control still in the normal stage, on the other hand, it has affected China's foreign trade. The Canton Fair has a long history, has made great contributions to China's foreign economic and trade, reform and opening up, international exchanges and cooperation, and played a role in promoting China's economic and social development. It is known as "China's first exhibition" and is attracted to both home and abroad every year. A large number of exhibitors and merchants, the transaction volume has increased year by year.

According to the data, due to the SARS epidemic in 2003, there were fewer international procurement merchants at the 93rd Canton Fair that year. For this reason, the organizer also organized the "Online Canton Fair" for the first time, and this model has been continued since then. By 2012, China Foreign Trade Center (Group) established the Canton Fair e-commerce company and established the Canton Fair e-commerce platform. The current "Online Canton Fair" is a special response under the current epidemic situation. This form can not only ensure that the Canton Fair is held smoothly, but also meet public health security.

Of course, the key to supporting the realization of the "Online Canton Fair" is mature and complete information technology, especially cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Industrial Internet of Things. In a sense, "Online Canton Fair" is also a special display of Chinese new technologies. In view of the current actual situation, this “Online Canton Fair” can adopt a market-oriented operation mechanism and exert the power and platform role of professional institutions, such as joint technology and e-commerce enterprises such as Ali, Tencent, or Kuaishou. The advantages of the platform make the online exhibition of the Canton Fair bigger and stronger, from data resource utilization to data resource mining.

The current epidemic will not completely block the development of the global economy. Rather than passively suffering losses, it is better to seize the opportunity to transform and upgrade, move all offline exhibitions to the cloud, actively seize the industry's development initiative and standard-setting power, and make full use of cloud computing , Big data, industrial Internet of Things and other new technologies, innovative exploration of new models, so as to achieve the development goal of overtaking in corners. Of course, the organizers of the Canton Fair should increase publicity efforts to promote the change of concepts in all walks of life, and manufacturers should also actively prepare and deploy more resources to serve online exhibitions.

We believe that the "Online Canton Fair" is an attempt to innovate trade forms. Through the Internet, transactions can be carried out regardless of time, location, number of people and number of commodities, forming a situation of deep development. What kind of results will this "Online Canton Fair" achieve? let us wait and see.