Online Canton Fair, Open The Imagination Space Of Enterprises

- Apr 28, 2020-

Since its establishment in 1957, after more than 60 years of unremitting efforts, China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair") has become a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete commodities, the most merchants and the best transaction effect in China, known as the "barometer" and "vane" of China's foreign trade.

On March 24, Premier Li Keqiang chaired the executive meeting of the State Council. The meeting pointed out that in view of the shrinking trend of foreign demand orders, enterprises should be supported to negotiate online and hold exhibitions online, and actively grasp orders and promote cooperation.

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 127th Canton Fair will be held online on -24 June 15th for 10 days. "As a merchant information communication platform, Guangzhou Fair is unable to conduct face-to-face communication in a special period. In this situation, it is an innovation to move the fair online. " Sang Baichuan, Dean of the Institute of international economics at the University of foreign economic relations and trade, said moving online was actually a way to solve the problem of information communication.

Guangzhou Fair moves to the cloud

It is not only a practical move to cope with the epidemic, but also a major initiative for innovation and development to bring more than 120 consecutive Global trade events to the cloud.

On April 10, the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on measures to stabilize foreign trade. Li Xingqian, director of the Department of foreign trade of the Ministry of Commerce, said that there will be three interactive parts in the fair held Online - the establishment of an online exhibition and docking platform, the establishment of a cross-border e-commerce zone, and the provision of live marketing services, so as to integrate exhibition and docking, negotiation and transaction, and promote the online display of all 25000 exhibitors of the fair.

Li Xingqian introduced that in terms of providing live broadcast marketing services, the fair will establish online live columns and links, and set up a separate 10 × 24-hour online live studio for each participating enterprise. The live broadcast room is not limited by time and space. Enterprises can not only have separate face-to-face discussions with merchants on the Internet, but also publicize and promote through live broadcast on the Internet to a large number of merchants at the same time.

"As the technical service provider of the fair, Tencent will provide overall technical support, platform R & D services and cloud resources support for the fair." Zeng Jiaxin, vice president of Tencent cloud, said that the project is time-consuming and task heavy and needs to be completed in a short time.

According to Zeng Jiaxin, Tencent, in order to move the foreign trade exhibition scene of Canton Fair to the online, gather and mobilize relevant matching products, call global IDC (Internet Data Center) resources to support the real-time docking of global purchasers and exhibitors, apply a series of technical capabilities such as cloud, security, AI, big data, live broadcast, etc., and strive to achieve innovative network in combination with new scene requirements Exhibition experience.

"Compared with other online foreign trade platforms, this online Canton Fair is no longer limited to product display, but also provides full process services before, during and after the exhibition." Zeng said that for exhibitors and buyers, especially overseas buyers, more services will be provided, involving intelligent matching, real-time meetings, online translation, intellectual property protection and other important links. In addition, it will integrate Tencent conference, enterprise wechat, wechat applet live broadcast and other products.

"Online display can't completely replace face-to-face communication. For some products that need experience, we need to provide more sufficient information to make up for this defect." Sangbaichuan said frankly that the epidemic also brought opportunities for the digital economy, and the foundation of digital economy construction was improved. In the future, more online tools and services will be developed.

Meanwhile, one belt, one road, said Guangdong should seize the opportunity to increase investment in new infrastructure, help SMEs achieve industrial digitalization, and expand cooperation with the countries and regions along the belt and road to expand the digital economy space. In addition, under the impact of the epidemic, processing trade enterprises themselves also need to increase the strength of digitalization.

Create a perfect trading closed-loop

In fact, when the fair was held online, the epidemic also forced the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong's foreign trade pattern.

"Under this epidemic, the exhibition industry has suffered a strong impact, and a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitions have been cancelled." Cai Yile, director of Exhibition Department of Guangdong Provincial Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade, said frankly that the current special situation forces the whole industry to move online, but this kind of transfer is not a simple online exhibition, but a closed-loop transaction with the functions of exhibition, exchange, transaction, guarantee, finance, logistics and other supporting services.

"In particular, we need to improve the supporting functions, run through the whole process of third-party certification, financial settlement (including third-party payment), legal services (including arbitration, intellectual property rights, etc.), port logistics, policy consultation and other services, and realize one key consultation and one website integration services." Cai explained.

Cai Yile introduced that at present, Guangdong Council for the promotion of international trade is promoting the construction of Guangdong Import and export goods online exhibition platform, which will give full play to rich overseas procurement resources and strong brand appeal, and realize the online and offline complementarity of Guangdong foreign trade enterprises.

For small and medium-sized micro enterprises unable to participate in the fair, the platform set up by Guangdong Council for the promotion of international trade will be used as a supplement to the fair, providing services for small and medium-sized micro enterprises to connect with overseas buyers and expand sales channels. It is reported that this platform will be completed in the near future, and a series of brand exhibitions will be held in succession.