Nigeria Clients Ordered 1000pcs Water Heater Element Finished Prouction

- Apr 29, 2020-

The water heater element is also called an immersion electric heating element for the water heater. Copper material is popularly used for water heater heating because of its good thermal conductivity. The diameter is normally 8mm, with U shaped with brass nut and plastic silicone ring. Voltage 220V 2000-6000W. The length is customized, but generally  200mm to 900mm depending on the shapes you will make. There are U shapes, many Us shapes, etc. 

Brass color water heater elements normally have 2 materials, for higher quality using copper material, if you have low budget, the material can use iron copper plated. As we are experienced in the heating elements, so both materials, the quality is good for us. 

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